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Rere School will develop the whole child enabling personal excellence.


Rere School is a rural primary school located 45km west of Gisborne. We cater for year one to year eight pupils, comprising two multilevel classrooms. There is a strong parent and community interest and involvement, in the activities and the life of the school.
The school community includes three geographical areas: Wharekopae, Tahunga and Rere. Families are spread up to 35 kilometers in various directions from the school. Currently all the children travel to school by bus, with 3 bus runs serving the school.
The school has four main buildings connected by a covered walkway. Two are classrooms. The third is used as a school library, music, drama and cultural room. The community have recently fundraised for and built a community hall on the school grounds. There is a large flat grassed playing field, a swimming pool, shade area, tennis court, senior and junior adventure playgrounds and a concrete play area adjacent to the classrooms.
Rere School is an inclusive school and welcomes all learners in our community. We are committed to their engagement in all school activities and to their achievement. The Board of Trustees, Principal, Staff and Students are continuously striving to improve educational outcomes and to improve the learning environment. This dedication is being realized in both the students learning and the improvements being made to the buildings and resources.
Rere School has been described as our community Marae and it is a focal point for our community. There is a strong parent and community interest and involvement, in the activities and the life of the school. Parents are involved with Board of Trustee duties, classroom programmes, fundraising, pre-school, grounds maintenance, transporting children, camps, trips, pet days and sports. There is regular liaison with the local playgroup that meets at the school one morning a week.


  Board of Trustees

  Chairperson:  Jodie Cook

  Principal:        Katrina Dekker

  Staff Rep:      Paula Reedy

  Parent Reps: Richard Candy

                        Kerry Worsnop

                        Casey Maddock

                        Bart Cheetham


  Senior Room: Katrina Dekker

  Junior Room:  Caron Purvis

  Principal Release:  Fiona Cummings

  School Secretary: Kay Twigley

  Financial Administrator: Paula Reedy


  School Phone: 06 8670868

  School Fax: 06 8670878

  Address: Private Bag 7623,

               Gisborne 4040

  Email: office@rere.school.nz