About Our School

Our Values

Our school’s values are: manākitanga, resilience, respect, self-management, confidence.

Mā Rere School e whakapakari te tamaiti katoa, kia ekea tōna whaiaro hiranga.

We will develop the whole child, enabling personal excellence.

Our School

Our school teaches year one to year eight students. The school has four main buildings connected by a covered walkway. Two are classrooms. The third is used as a library, music, drama and culture room.

In the early 2000s the community fund-raised for and built a community hall on the school grounds.

There is a large flat grassed playing field, swimming pool, shade area, tennis court, senior and junior adventure playgrounds, flying-fox and a concrete play area adjacent to the classrooms.

During the first term of 2021 our students had swimming lessons in the school pool, and learnt horo hopu, a traditional Māori game.

Our Community

Much of our community live on hill country sheep and beef stations, spread up to 35 kilometres in various directions from the school. We are often described as our community marae, a focal point for families and whānau who live in the surrounding areas of Wharekōpae, Tahunga and Rere.

There is strong parent and community interest, support and involvement in the activities and life of the school.

Our Students

Rere School is an inclusive school and welcomes all learners in our community. We are committed to their engagement in all school activities and to their achievement.

Our children travel to school by bus, with two bus runs serving the school. The buses are proudly supplied by PĀMU Farms of New Zealand.