Acting Principal – Term One 2023


Full-Time, Fixed Term (27 February – April 7th)

We are looking for an acting Principal whilst we recruit for a permanent principal. There may be an opportunity for the term to be extended.

Rere is a close-knit rural, full primary school (Y0–Y8), across 2 classrooms; and has a current roll of 33 students. Our school prides itself on educating and empowering young people, enabling personal excellence in creating adaptable, self-motivated, resilient, lifelong learners and leaders, for their brightest possible future.

Our school values (manākitanga, resilience, respect, self-management, and confidence) are at the very heart of everything we do, which encourages and fosters a healthy and happy learning environment.

Our school is situated in the heart of the Rere farming community, only 25 minutes’ drive inland from Gisborne. There is strong parent and community support, interest and involvement in our school. We are proud of and cherish our rural character, community and the family/whanau-based atmosphere that encapsulates all the we do here.

We are seeking an experienced Principal to help maintain and manage the school whilst we search for a permanent Principal. The person will need to be a competent classroom teacher with strong management and interpersonal skills and who enjoys being part of a community. This person will also need to support our structured literacy programme, manage our competent staff, support our student’s learning needs and help to lead the school whilst we have restricted space at the school whilst the MoE rebuilds our junior classroom this year. All the predominant Principal duties will have been completed prior to start so the role will be about maintaining status quo and continuing the plans that our current Principal has put in place.

We encourage any interested candidates to get in touch about this opportunity as the Board are flexible in regard our requirements.